About Me:

Barry Hill Jr. is a writer, blogger and speaker who…wait a second—why am I writing this in the third person?

Sorry—lets try this again.

Hi, My name is Barry Hill Jr. (That’s better.)

I really love using story—creative narrative, (in blog, book or video form—mostly non-fiction) to engage with people about the person of Jesus Christ. Currently, I am finishing my Masters of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary and working on my first book. I am represented by Blair Jacobson from the Author Management Firm—DC Jacobson.   Up until recently, I had been serving teens and their families, within the context of the local church, since graduating from Eastern University in 1997. It’s probably no shock to you, but I just love the “buzzy” atmosphere of the coffeehouse. I am a certified Barista and worked for Starbucks for several years while in ministry, where he was officially installed by my co-workers as “The Ordained Barista.”


I  a B.A. in Youth Ministry and Physical Education from Eastern University in St. Davids, PA and is currently pursuing his  Masters of  Divinity.  Barry Has been married to his wife Rachel for 14 years and they have 6 children together; Annsley, Harrison, Colby, Ella, Collin and Maxton.


The main topics of this blog are, culture encouragement with a coffeehouse theme.  The hope behind the Ordained Barista is to that if you could talk about it, with a friend, in your local coffeehouse, then we can talk about it here.  Some of my favorite discussions around what it means to believe in, and follow, Jesus have happened organically during a shift as a Barista—some conversations sprang up organically and some with great intention.


That really means that any topic is fair game.  Not all of my posts are super spiritual but they are meant to encourage and challenge us toward  a conversation about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, in word and deed.  I am, by nature, a story teller—I love telling stories.




I am living out my story with my amazing wife Rachel, my six children, better known as the “Hill-Circus. My favorite story is the one that will change your life forever—I promise!


My Author Management Representation—D.C. Jacobson and Associates

I am also a Community Leader for Michael Hyatt— michaelhyatt.com

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