How tall are you worth?


Last week I went on a field trip with my son, Harrison, to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. This heavily secured building, in Washington DC, is where they print most of the country’s paper money. Once the money has completed the 10 day printing and drying process it is then circulated to one of the nations twelve federal reserve banks and then on to you and me. Well….? Maybe to you. Me?…not so much.

To be honest, I was more than a little skeptical about chaperoning 30+ 1st graders. I was certain that a bunch of high energy seven year olds, who are used to Sponge Bob and Nintendo Wii, would be bored stiff by a glorified printing press and stage a military style coup by snack time. Yet, most of the little munchkins were completely spellbound by the process of making all that money. It was a little surreal watching the money-workers finish a batch of $100 bills by loading them onto pallets valued at $64 Million dollars each. I would have taken a picture for you but 5 years in federal prison seemed to be a heavy price for a cool blog photo.


My favorite part of the trip was a display that they had hanging on a wall in the gift shop. This large poster explained how much money you would have if you owned a stack of $100 bills that was as tall as you.  At 6’8″ tall I am the same size a $1,860,000 stack of $100 dollar bills. So, can you guess what my answer will be the next time some stranger asks me how tall I am?

The poster reminded me of an article I read in 2004 that explains why the taller you are the more money you make each year.  As a matter of fact, the study claims that for every inch taller you are than the worker next to you (same gender, weight, age and job) you make around $789 more per inch, per year! (Sorry Tom)

Every day our culture tries to sell us on the critical importance of our outward appearance.  God, however, has a different standard.


In the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel God tells Samuel to go Jesse’s house where God will choose one of Jesse’s sons to become the next King of Israel.  When Samuel shows up at Jesse’s house the first son he comes across is Eliab, the biggest, tallest and best looking of Jesse’s sons.  Samuel says to himself, “…Surely this guy is God’s chosen one.” Well, just take a look at what God says to Samuel.

But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”


Be reminded today that God is after your heart, your soul, and the part of you that will go on long after this temporary carbon vessel is turned back into dust.  Don’t buy into the cultural lie that our main focus should be on the outward appearance. When our main focus remains on the outward appearance (of self and others) we usually neglect to nurture the part of us that God is most concerned about. Yes, nurture!


If a money truck stopped at your house and delivered to you (legally) a $64,000,000 pallet of $100 dollar bills, what would you do with the money. The best response to this question will win a $25.00 bag of shredded money from the Bureau of Printing and Engraving.

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  • tony babcock

    Wow …. Thank you for the great message .. something i need to pay more attention to for sure. God reminded me of this before, and I need to keep it green. My mom had friends over for dinner one night and I went over to join them. There sitting at the table was a man that i can only describe as a “nerd” or a “geek” sitting next to him was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. My mom introduced them as MR and MRS (insert name)… They were married!!! Sitting down to eat we had a wonderful dinner and it was apparent that she was totally in love with him and he with her. She would reach over and hold his hand and he would smile. Through conversation you could tell the relationship they had was a real godly bond and they complimented one another. The stark contrast of this beautiful woman and her husband was distracting at times. But, It was a true 3 stranded cord with god at the center of thier marriage. It was not until i got up to leave that i realised that MRS. was blind .. She did not care what MR. looked like, not one bit! She saw through to his heart and saw he was a great man. I left that night feeling so horrible. Because i was so shallow. It was at that time god started to work on me at looking at the heart instead of the flesh. I still need a lot of work

    As for the money wow .. i will answer this as honest as i can be … i would give a huge chunk to my church as i know that they would put it to better use then i could ever hope to do. I would have a bill paying party for all of my family and close friends. and tell them that the pressure is off they never have to ask me for money again as i have now made them all debt free … Then i have always wanted to be a secret santa .. i would set up a fund where i could anonymously run around and give money to those that need it and travel around the country and hand out money at random .. go to shelters .coffee shops ..street corners … etc … BUT TOTALLY ANONYMOUS. So that no one would or could feel the need to pay it back but rather they pay it forward to someone else.

  • The Ordained Barista

    I can almost see the dinner with Mr. and Mrs __________. I would have been in the same judgement boat my brother! It’s funny how God can use a simple dinner to remind us when we are being__________. I love your ideas on the $64 million dollar question too. I love the idea of paying off debt so people would not need to bother you anymore, they probably would anyway. Secret santa as a full time job would rock wouldn’t it? Love it! Thanks for the great comments and feedback! We need to connect the next time I’m in PA!!!!

  • Matthew Kim

    I love how material objects are able to hold such value as to base our lives off of it **Sarcasm: That’s for you Barry ;)** It’s a good thing too that God peels through our flesh and finds value in our hearts. Although it is out of a fun factor, it’s kinda ridiculous to compare monetary values to human height. I’d be worth like a thousand bucks, along with the vast majority of the Asian population! After reading this, I went into deep thinking, the kind that would trigger me to chuck dodge balls at middle schooler **For Barry again haha** and I realized that in times where we think we don’t meet God’s standards, we aren’t listening to God and that we’re talking to ourselves because, God knows us best and for us to say that we’re not good enough is basically us judging ourselves. It’s sort of irrelevant and a bit of a stretch but that’s what I got out of this article. Thanks for the insight Barry!

  • Robin LeTourneau

    Have to admit I would pay off my debts and those near and dear first and plot lots of trips to see the world, but I would like to fund a variety of projects.

    1. libraries like this northern VA couple are creating.
    2. schools for girls in places where girls are not encouraged to learn.
    3. Create some combination “Habitat for Humanity/” projects for displaced families in Haiti, i.e. buy a small plot of land in the country, work with them to build a simple/safe house, and teach them how to take care of themselves with livestiock/farming so they can be more independent.

  • Tom Pounder

    If $64 million dollars were dropped off at my front door, I would buy some human growth hormones from Dr. Evil so that I could catch up to 1 Barry Hill in earning potential! $789 per inch per year! I definitely got the short end of the stick here!

    Great reminder Barry. Thanks!

  • Terry Mc

    Hey Barry,

    Sorry it took so long to respond, but I’ve been coming back to this question often, and am having difficulty. I, like Robin, would definitely take care of family first. Make sure all debts were paid, and put as much money into finding cures for Dad’s COPD and Kathy’s MS as they would need. Hopefully, the research would springboard into cures for other nasty diseases, as well.

    After that, I would LOVE to go to the countries where mass rape/slavery/genocide is happening (including ours) and fund the underdogs. Doesn’t sound very Christian, but I go bizerk thinking how the tribes with the guns can get away with any heinous act, and the tribes without just have no way out but to accept the deaths and loss. If I could go in and find a peaceful end, I would. However, the time for arbitration is well passed. Then build orphanage schools for both sides. Schools that would teach tolerance and living in pluralistic societies.

    I wonder if $64 million would accomplish all that? Ah well. Loves to you and the fam, Big Guy!

  • The Ordained Barista

    Are you kidding? That might be the most Christian sounding of them all. If we are not about social justice, rape, genocide, schools and poverty who will be? I love it! $64 Million might not solve it all, but I imagine you would definitely change the lives of many! My question is do we need $64 Million to start? Or, do we have enough resources to change the lives of one or two people now? Check out this link below, it is one of the best organizations I know that deal with this type of issue.

  • Terry Mc

    Hey, Thanks for that link! I won’t get ANY work done tonight looking through the website! So, if some student is waiting to be let into his/her dorm, it will be all your fault. ;-) It’s always good to have friends in the “know”!

  • The Ordained Barista

    Which link?

  • Terry Mc

    The link, silly. I must have spent close to 4 hours researching the info on that site. Where, and how and what they are doing to help the underdog!

    Boy, it’s a good thing you’re married, and have a wonderful wife who takes care of the things that slip your mind!!!! I’ll cut you some slack though… First, ’cause I just adore you, 2nd, you have so many kids and so much to worry and think about, some things have to go by the wayside! (At least, that’s how I explained my mother constantly repeating herself. I ALWAYS listened! um, yeah…)

  • The Ordained Barista

    My bad! I forgot that I sent you there. I am trying to arrange my first 12 ounce interview with IJM! Should be awesome!!!! They are right here in DC too! Thanks for the reminder, you forgot to mention that my old age might be contributing to the decline in my memory too!