I.D. Please!

  • Starbucks Philosophy 101

It’s not uncommon to find a Starbucks product placement in movies these days.  One of my favorite Starbucks clips is from the movie You’ve got mail because Tom Hanks offers a up a little Starbucks philosophy 101. watch the video then keep reading.

Ok, here is the quote I want to talk about today”

  • Joe Fox …(who is Starbucks is designed for…) So people who don’t know what they are doing, or who they are, for only $2.95 you can get not only a great cup of coffee but a defining sense of self.

My staff and I decided, toward the end of the school year, that the theme for the Underground am next year 2010-2011 would be “Identity.” The question we are asking is “Who are you?” (insert cool The Who soundtrack while 150 students are coming in) I am really looking forward to the new year and I am very excited about the topic.  We are currently developing the broad topics, creative ideas, promotions, slides, drama, artwork, illustrations, what scriptures to use and more.  I was wondering if you wanted to join me, in a collaborative effort, and take a look at the broad topics and offer and suggestions ranging from any of the topics below or the categories above.  It really can be about anything, a good story you’ve heard, a topic that is close to your heart, or a section of scripture that you think fits in perfectly with the topic. It can also be creative ideas like DNA, or a play on words like “Stolen Identity”. Get it? Here we go!

*A small disclaimer: What we are doing here, in white-boarding talk, is called a “YES SESSION” where we are giving ideas and thoughts not critiquing or refining yet, just encouraging good ideas, being creative and having fun.

  • Identity

Who are you?

1) Intro to Series – overview for kick-off

  1. End goal – to see our identity in Christ
  2. It is important for us to know why our identity is important
  3. Barry’s most identifiable characteristic

2) Is your identity the same wherever you are?

  1. who you are when no one is looking?

3) What is Christ’s character?

  1. In order to truly know our character we should  know the character of the creator.

4) Transformation to Christ’s character (and our identity) happens only in light of the cross – our motivation

  1. Heart transformation vs. behavior modification

5) In response: Does your identity reflect Christ’s Character?

  1. What does the way we spend our time, Time, treasure, talents say about our identity
  2. Represent Christ’s followers as well?
  3. Mirror

6)   Ambassador – in but not of the world

  1. Representing someone else

7) How should our identity shape how we share our faith?

  1. a. evangelism

8) Your identity is not shaped in isolation – identity shapers

  1. GIGO true? (Garbage In Garbage Out) Having a debate – i.e. R rated movies, explicit lyrics, etc.

9) (Identity Shapers) Family

  1. who do you think you’re most like in your family
  2. what traits do you want to grow into / emulate?
  3. Relate it back to God’s characteristics manifest in us?

10) (Identity Shaper) Friends

  1. Who you surround yourself with – known by that

11) (Identity Shaper) Culture

12) Media manipulates your identity

  1. Merchants of cool This is a frontline special on how marketers target teens. It’s unbelievable! http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/cool/
  2. Marketing strategies

13) How you portray your identity through the media

  1. How do you look on facebook? twitter? email? text?

14)Does your identity follow you? ** more towards the end of the series

  1. Clean slate – like being new to high school, college, no one knows your success or failures
  2. Labeled
  3. Old has gone, new

15) Where /what do you currently find your identity in?

  1. Clothes
  2. Language
  3. Music
  4. Friends
  5. Success – academic, accomplishments, etc.

16) Coming of age and where is your identity now?

  1. Rites of passage

17) What does it really mean to be a man or woman of God?

  1. a. Why can’t we see that in our culture anymore?
  2. b. Biblical manhood or womanhood – who God created us to be

18) Flip the lessons

  1. a. 1st – each gender will have a lesson specific to them
  2. b. 2nd – each gender will have a lesson about the opposite gender

(done separately – set it up so it doesn’t quite get into dating yet)

19) Who validates your identity?

  1. a. Whose input do you value?
  2. b. Some things that validate our identity are outside relationships – best things to validate are within relationship
  3. c. When we lose those people, how do we find out who we are

20) Validation gone wrong

21) Love Identity paradigm

  1. a. We only have 1 word for “love” in our culture – other cultures have multiple words to describe different types of love

22) What our culture says about male/female relationships

  1. a. Things that aren’t true, but are perpetuated – you need to be serious with someone in high school, married by the time you’re done with college
  2. b. Sins are sins, but there are still ramifications / baggage – reality of your mistakes

23) Dating – panel? Personal stories? Discussions in small groups? Just a message about healthy dating?

24) Marriage & Sex

  1. a. Lie: Once you’re married, you’re always happy – no challenges, happily ever after
  2. b. Lie: that sex is going to look like it does in the movies – awesome the first time, great all the time – but within the context
  3. c. image of Christ and the church as His bride

25) Your identity as a Child of God and heirs to the throne

  1. a. Romans 8:15

26) In discovering who we are in Christ, we discover our gifts

  1. a. What is God calling us to?
  2. b. For some people, it may be totally different from what’s typically expected
  3. c. What you’re “obligated” or pressured to do, and what God is calling you to, even if it’s something different

Ok, I know this is a lot.  So if you don’t have any time to look at it don’t worry about it.  But, if stuff like this get’s you going I would love to get some input.

*a small disclaimer that what we are doing here, in white-boarding sessions, is called a “YES SESSION” where we are giving ideas and thoughts not critiquing or refining yet, just encouraging good ideas, being creative and having fun.



  • Robin LeTourneau

    If my girls were old enough to be working with you, I would definitely like #23 covered well. I think a message about what healthy dating looks like needs to come from a variety of places, not just parents/friends. Actually more importantly what UNHEALTHY dating looks like….

    I think it is easier for a controlling person to be abusive in relationships these days – with cell phones, facebook, etc (ability to be connected 24/7), there are more windows into the other person’s life, more ways to monitor/attempt to control…

    Young women and men need to be able to recognize these behaviours for what they are…

  • The Ordained Barista

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Sometime the best way to look at what is healthy is to really identify what is unhealthy and why. With as many connections that students can make these days, through social media, the more difficult it becomes for parents to keep tabs on them all. Because of this it becomes soooo important to train our children to be able to identify Authentic vs Counterfeit. Good input thanks!

  • Jessie Copeland

    LOVE IT! I am always a big big fan of the relationships talks. I especially like when it gets REALLY uncomfortable for the kids and makes them really think about what they think should happen in a relationship. It’s easy to have an idea in your head about how a relationship should be, when most of the time it’s not how God wants it to be (His will, not our own, right?).
    Working with middle schoolers right now, particularly a stellar group of 6th graders, we don’t really get too in-depth with the subject simply because most of them think the opposite sex still have cooties. That being said, I think it’s never too early to introduce the concepts and principles of what healthy, Christ-centered relationships are. I also completely agree with Robin (above) that it’s important to give students a look into what unhealthy relationships are like. They are really so much more common than people realize! And this topic of healthy relationship can extend beyond the dating realm into the relationships we have with our friends.

    I love the idea of focusing on identity for your students! One thing I wish I had really focused on earlier in my life is that while my tastes, style, friends, and ambitions may change throughout my life, my identity in Christ will always be constant. It will be something that I will be able to rely on no matter what circumstances I face in my future.

    Seriously Barry, I LOVE the theme!!! Great ideas!

  • The Ordained Barista

    I too really like the idea of what changes and what stays the same as we get older. What influences it and is it OK. Great ideas!

    Well, much like your 6th grade class I also think that girls have cooties! Well they do! Nah! (yes, I am sticking my tongue out at you.)

  • Eric Garner

    Big Cat, you know I’m in 100% I’ll be pondering my own identity this evening over a cup of not Starbucks; but that new cafe in Vienna. Seriously though this is a great topic and I am glad to be apart of it. Every heart has an identity behind all the muck. Chat with you soon.