Top 10 Weirdest things ever sold on ebay

Ok, I know this is going to sound strange but I was reading through the Bible the other day and the passage I was reading made me wonder: “I wonder what have been the strangest, weirdest, and most bizarre things ever to sell on Ebay?”

So, after a little research, I have put together a quick list of Barry’s top 10 strangest things ever to sell on Ebay.

#10. Pretend Monster under a Child’s Bed

Genius mom who sells a trouble making monster under her daughter’s bed! Brilliant!

#9. Ghost in a Jar
Arkansas man tries to sell a ghost in an a jar.  What’s really scary is to see how much the thing almost sold for! Boo!

#8. Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A woman discovered her grilled cheese (yes, I said grilled cheese) had the image of the Virgin Mother on it. The sandwich would sell for more than $28,000, that’s a lot of cheddar!

7. Haunted Rubber Ducky

In 2004 a man sold a rubber-duckie that he says fought, antagonized and bit his son.

6. Man Tries to Sell His Liver on Ebay
A man from Florida put his organ up for sale on Ebay. The bid went as high as $5.7 million before eBay pulled it from its site. Stating it’s illegal to sell body parts on Ebay.

5. Illinois Cornflake

Two sisters from Virginia discovered a cornflake that appeared to be the same shape of the state of Illinois. They sold it for over $1,000. Aren’t all cornflakes shaped like Illinois?

4. Forehead Billboard

That’s right, Andrew Fischer, from Omaha, Nebraska sold the advertising space on his forehead for one month.  He agreed to get a temporary tattoo of any business name, slogan or domain.  The auction reached $322.

3. Woman Sells Right to Name Her Baby
When Melissa Heuschkel couldn’t decide what to name her fourth child she, of course, turned to ebay. In early 2005, Golden Palace casino won the online auction and, for a mere $15,500, was given the right to name the new child baby Golden Palace Benedetto.

Another completely wacko (or maybe genius) item that  sold on the net was the imaginary friend of a UK man. The image above is a picture of this imaginary friend whose name was Jon Malipieman, and as you can see he is imaginary. The man that sold Jon said that he was selling Jon because he felt like he had grown out of him.

In the official description of the product the seller made the following statement: “My imaginary friend Jon Malipieman is getting too old for me now. I am now 27 and I feel I am growing out of him. He is very friendly. Along with him, I will send you what he likes and dislikes along with his favorite things to do and his personal self portrait.” His self portrait is the picture you see above. Amazingly Jon Malipieman got 31 bids and ended up selling for over $3,000 dollars. Paying $3,000 for an imaginary friend truly is unimaginable!

1. A life for sale!

in 2001, after a bad divorce, an Australian man auctioned off all of his life’s possessions at one time.  The auction included his job, friends, car, house, and even his dog!  He now has his own website dedicated to the story of selling his entire life!

  • The Value of the Kingdom of Heaven

This last item (A life for sale) is similar to the story in the Bible that started this whole blog post.  Matthew 13:44 Jesus is telling his followers a parable about the value of the kingdom of heaven when he says these words:

44“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.

I read this passage and I was seriously challenged by the message of Jesus.  Do I treat this gift of grace and love, that I will enjoy forever, with more “value” than the things of this world? I wonder, at times, if I really “treasure” the kingdom of God (both present and to come) and treat it with more value than the gadgets and gizzmos that I adore. I am not saying that “things” are “bad”, I am just asking what do I/we value the most?  My encouragement for us today is simple.  Pause today, just for a moment, and be “filled with joy” (“…and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.”) that the “value” of being called a child of the creator of the universe is worth more than the accumulation all the the things you and I are striving for.  

On a lighter note, this passage got me thinking about how embarrassed I would be by some of the random stuff I own, if I ever needed sell everything. Which, of course, made me wonder about the most random stuff ever sold online! After my research for this post I realize that if the going rate for state shaped breakfast cereal is in the thousands of dollars then I had better get in on the action myself! So I am auctioning off one of the more random, yet brilliant, things I could find in my house!

When Rachel and I were first married, 12 years ago, we lived in a few mile north of Santa Barbara, CA.  Before the days of the “Circus-8″ Rachel and I would walk the Santa Barbara beaches and collect driftwood. My super beautiful and creative wife would then take the driftwood and paint a Santa face on them.  Alas, the Santa Barbara Driftwood Santa was born! To my knowledge there are no other Santa Barbara Driftwood Santas in the world!  We have put a driftwood Santa on ebay, and if you are interested, come and place a bid or at least take a look!  This is gonna be fun!

So, what is the most random thing you have in your house? Come on…Leave a comment?

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  • Ian Palmer

    Sounds like a new business, let me know if you need more driftwood!

  • The Ordained Barista

    Ian! We do actually need more driftwood! Can you send some my way?

  • konyin

    awwww tht was such a cool post. actually made me turn off the tv and appreciate the greatest thing i have in my life. the chance to be called a child of the maker of the universe. wooo! hope i never value anything more than i value that.

    p.s. how much for the driftwood? loool

  • The Ordained Barista

    Thanks Konyin!
    I appreciate the encouragement! Make sure to sign up to get future blog posts delivered right to your reader or inbox! There is a link at the bottom of the post that will take you right to ebay where the Santa is selling for $1.99 right now.

    thanks again!

  • Eva

    I enjoyed reading your post along with my two young sons Christian 10 and Ashton 8. Im just trying to teach them the true value in life…

  • The Ordained Barista

    Thanks Eva. I hope you and your boys are doing well. As a father of 6 I know how challenging and rewarding being a parent can be! Keep up the good work!

  • John Richards

    So I’ve started looking though my Wheaties each morning for Texas and California. I think that would be reasonable as oppossed to trying to find… say Hawaii?

  • Kimberly Cundiff-Jefferson

    I had to look around my apartment and think hard about the weirdest, wackiest thing I own, having moved back here from Utah 2+ years ago and leaving behind most of my “worldly possessions” to start over and be close to my family, I realized the lack of importance to the material items. With money being tight, I haven’t splurged on things like I did in Utah so what I am going to say is probably going to make people think “really.” I have stacks of notebooks, journals etc, so the amount of paper I have is probably the wackiest, when I feel anxious, unsettled, and uncomfortable, I would buy a few notebooks or a journal. Recently, I was “organizing” my home and put the stacks together and realized I was pretty anxious over the past few years, the evidence is stacked in my living room. They are still sitting there because I haven’t decided am I going to keep them, use them or give them away. But the evidence of my distress is there, the thought when I bought them was I would write and “heal myself” It’s innocent enough but when you realize what your actions are stemming from, it makes you wonder. So if you step into my living room and look into the alcove you can see the stacks of my anxiousness, to the untrained eye it is deceiving. Thanks for the thought provoking blog :) Have a blessed day!

  • Barry Hill

    There is something really cathartic about writing down your anxiousness, and I don’t think that is strange at all! Maybe keeping them in your living room perhaps? :) I agree with you as we get older, and as life, in seasons, gets harder, things become way less important! Utah? Why didn’t I know that?