“Ask The Ordained Barista” & Part-Two of my 12 Ounce interview with Brian McLaren

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First, I wanted to thank everyone for the great feedback (Thanks Scott P. and Eric G.!) and helpful suggestions (Yes, I know the audio was week) on Part 1 of my interview with, author, Brian McLaren.  In the future I am going to set-up 12 Ounce Interviews as a podcast, as well, so that people can listen in their car or on the treadmill (Thanks Ed R.!) .  I realize the first interview was really long, so “Part Two” has been divided up by individual questions/topics.  Each question/answer lasts about 3-4 minutes and is well worth the time! One of the outcomes that Part One generated was a lot of thoughtful questions for me, which I thought was great.

  • Ask The Ordained Barista

Ask The Ordained Barista

So, I am starting a new TOB segment called “Ask The Ordained Barista”.  I will answer any questions you have for me in either audio (podcast) and/or blog format. So, If you have a question please click on the email button at the top of the page (Please, do not ask questions in the comments section) and ask me a question on…. Well, anything. …The Ordained Barista, ministry, publishing hopes, being a father of 6, marriage, The Church, theology, sports, culture, coffee, the oil spill, Tiger woods, internet marketing,  Starbucks, teens, web-stuff, parenting, social justice… OK, You get the point. If you wish to remain anonymous please mention that in your email!

These Question/topics links (below the first video)  will take you to my interview with Brian McLaren on The Ordained Barista You-Tube channel.

1. Evangelicalism.

2. Emergent? Emerging? The Emergence?

3. How should we treat people of other faith traditions?

4. Questions on faith.

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  • http://TheOrdainedBarista Scott Pollock

    I would enjoy talking with Brian. I wish local pastors would do what you just did with Brian: Order their favorite drink and talk and listen with one another.