Look what Rachel and the kids found for me at a Yard Sale!

Rachel and the kids came home barely able to contain their excitement over an item that they found for me at a local yard sale.   They even asked me to take a few guesses as to what the treasure that they found could possibly be.  I wasn’t even close!  What was it?  Well, actually, it was a Moses action figure! Yes, a Moses action figure equipped with Ten Commandments, snake and even a burning bush! Disappointingly, they said the only thing that they couldn’t find was his staff/rod.  So Harrison, my 7 year old, replaced the staff with a Star Wars light-saber from one of his Lego Star Wars sets. ~”Pharaoh, Turn from the dark side!”

On a side note, I also found these cool Jesus band-aids a few weeks ago at a different yard sale for 25 cents.  I haven’t opened it up yet to see what the mystery prize is. Do you have any guesses? Hey, maybe it’s Moses’ staff?

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  • Margaret Wright

    What is that burning thing? The burning bush? It looks more like some kind of cauldron-firepit thing! The cauldron has, like, ants in it, but I think those might be leaves. Or ants.
    And I don’t think you’ll find the staff in the band-aid box because Moses’ staff turned into the snake and the snake is on the table soooo…
    One last thing. Moses’ belt is so incredibly long, if you don’t believe my snake-staff thing, it might turn into Moses’ staff!