41 Blessings

Well, today I turn 41 years old.

So, I thought I would come up with 41 blessings in my life! This is not an exhaustive list, and is not in any specific order.



  1. Jesus, my Lord and Savior. (Like you thought I was going to say something else?)
  2. My amazing wife, who let me sleep till 9:30 this morning, and awoke me with breakfast in bed.
  3. Annsley Grace (These are my children in order of birth not listed by favorite)
  4. Harrison Matthew
  5. Colburn William
  6. Ella Rae
  7. Collin Luke
  8. Maxton Truett
  9. The Word of God…Also known as The Bible!
  10. My Parents
  11. My In-Laws
  12. My Brothers and Sisters (and In-Law) (Brandon, Michael, Jessica, Sammy, Mark, Skip, Anna-Lisa, Josh, Rose, Zoe and David..Love you guys. Sorry you don’t each get a number, that could get me in a lot of trouble! Ha.)
  13. My VPC Church Family
  14. My Youth Ministry team: (Kim, Thea, Melissa and Kerry…You guys are great!)
  15. Other Youth Pastors who inspire me: Tom P., Jim B., Scott P.,
  16. My Mentors: Knox Singleton, Stephen Gutridge, Dick Eagan, Glenda Simpkins-Hoffman, Duffy Robins, Ted Mingle
  17. Living in the USA and the people who paid the price for my freedom!
  18. Coffee
  19. Starbucks
  20. The Eagles
  21. The Phillies
  22. Flyers, sixers, freedom, wings
  23. My favorite Authors and Theologians (D. Miller, Bonhoeffer, C.S. Lewis, A. Lamott…And the list goes on and on)
  24. My Agent (Thanks Blair)
  25. My favorite bands (U2, The Indigo Girls… and the list goes on and on)
  26. My Bowling League Team: “The Pin Pals” (Thanks Jen, Todd and Rae-Rae)
  27. Apple Computers
  28. My I-phone
  29. Clean water
  30. My favorite foods: Chick-Fil-A, Rachel’s one dish meal, Chipotle…)
  31. Health Insurance X 8
  32. My Car (The family that donated my 1999 Cadillac)
  33. My Height
  34. Sports Center
  35. Young Life
  36. The People who follow this blog on a regular basis and leave comments! You know who you are!
  37. Eastern University (Especially the Youth Ministry Department and Coaches, like Coach Michael Inman!)
  38. My Favorite Professors (Chris Hall, Duffy Robbins, Tony Campollo)
  39. People who put on Uniforms for a living: Armed services, police, fire, EMT, Thanks You!!
  40. Facebook
  41. Another year of life!

What did I miss? What are you thankful for?


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  • Terry Mc

    What can I say? That’s a pretty good list!!! Maybe I’ll do a 40 and a half list of blessings? I know one of those blessings would be friends like you, who keep me thinking and reflecting! Happy Birthday to you! Consider yourself virtually hugged!

  • http://TheOrdainedBarista Scott Pollock

    42. The Koreans in your life…