One (Major) Step Closer To My First Book.

Well, I need to apologize, up front, about the shameless self promotional bent of this post. So, ….”Sorry”. But, In the midst of a really trying time, I wanted to share with you some really exciting news.  A few months ago I signed with the Author Management company  DC Jacobson & Associates.

DC Jacobson represents Christian Authors (like Francis Chan) who are looking to make a difference in the world and develop relationships with their Authors. Here is how they describe themselves on their home page:

D.C. Jacobson & Associates is an innovative author management company that provides comprehensive literary representation for Christian authors. By engaging in lasting relationships with our authors, we strive to produce books that renew the Church and redeem culture for Jesus Christ.

And, if you click on their link to their website, HERE, and then click on “Meet Our Authors” you will see my little Bio, but please come back and finish the post!

How cool is that? And, I have to say that my agent, Blair Jacobson, has done this in spades.  Over the last few months Blair and I have been talking about the unifying theme of my writing, AND he has been amazingly gracious in the midst of a “Crazy-Busy” season at Church.  Blair has been insightful, encouraging, challenging and a great person to just talk to.  Thanks Blair!

As I move forward there is NO-WAY I can do this this without you, my friends and family. So, I hope that as the process moves along you don’t mind that I give you the occasional update, prayer request and special favor.  If your not already a subscriber to the blog, please consider becoming an RSS or Email subscriber!

Thank You!




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  • Ed Ruff

    FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!! Way to Barry! Remember Jeremiah 29:11

  • Rob Young

    Congratulations, Barry! What chapter is about Skip and Josh? I’m looking forward to that.

  • Terry Mc

    We’re all pulling for you, Bar! Keep up the hard work and your sense of humor, and all should go well!

  • Dan Dailey

    Congratulations Barry! Remember me from SYVPC? I am spending an hour this morning attempting to join the 21st century. New to social media. Tell me more about your book. Will there be any room for science apologetics? 6 kidz, wow! My two daughters are now 24 and 21. Jennifer just finished her first year at Loyola Law in Chicago. Her little sister Laura is about to return home after living two school years in Paris as a French major. Love to visit when I get a DC trip. Send me your ph#

  • The Ordained Barista

    Dan the MAN! It’s sooooooo good to hear from you! I assume you are you still flying these days? I would love to catch up soon. I will send you an email sometime soon with my digits. Yes, please, the next time you get scheduled in DC let me know! I am less than 10 minutes from Dulles… Reagan is a little farther away.

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