Things Parents Say

Things Parents Say

Last night was one of those nights that all parents relate to. We ate dinner as a family, cleaned-up, brushed teeth, made bottles, changed diapers, put pajamas on, read the story of Esther, said our prayers and turned out the lights—X 6 children. Exhausted, I headed downstairs to make a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes of quality time with my beautiful bride.

That’s when it happened.

It usually starts subtly, with faint giggling and snickering, and it quickly escalates to the rapid cadence of little feet darting across the second floor, the sound of running water and the light rustling of Legos.  Some nights I have more patience and will walk back upstairs to “strongly encourage” my children to get some rest. However, last night was NOT one of those nights, and that’s when the words, at great volume, came out of my mouth, “Go to bed—NOW!” and my personal favorite, “Do NOT make me come up there!” And I realized, as I had feared all along, that I had turned into my mother!  Nooooooooooo!

I wonder, from time to time, what it was like for Mary and Joseph to parent Jesus? Do you think they need to ask Jesus to clean his room? Eat his vegetables? Stop teasing James? I can just hear James now, “…Moooooom—Daaaaaaaad, Jesus keeps on turning the toilet water into wine!”

So, this is what I would love. Please take a minute to write down, in the comments section below, a “parent saying” that your parents said to you when you were a kid? And, if you have used those words on your kids?

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  • Ed Ruff

    “Close the door! I am not paying to heat the whole neighborhood!” Yes, I said that at the end of the last cold snap we had. Yes, I called my dad and apologized to him for all of the high electric bills I caused him growing up. Yes, we both got a great bit of joy out of the conversation.

  • The Ordained Barista

    Yes! I say the same thing when the air-conditioning is on!

  • Elizabeth Sheridan

    I was one of four children and when we were messing around my mom used to say ” Find something to do and do it”. When my children are not using their time “profitably”, I say ” Find something to do, or I will find you something to do”. Timo tells me I use this a lot!

  • Caroline Collie

    I am SO there! My grandmother used to say “I could walk on mile on that bottom lip” when I was pouting in an attempt to get my way, and those exact words came out of my mouth, directed straight at my two year old last week. It was a really strange feeling.

    Loved this post!

  • The Ordained Barista

    Thanks so much for the comment! I must be honest with you that I might actually steal that saying! LOVE IT! It really is a strange, almost out of body, feeling when you realize how much you sound like a parent/grandmother… etc. At the same time it’s also strangely comforting? Thanks again for the comments!

  • tony babcock

    Ohhhh this is good .. I think i have recycled ALL of my parents syaings. DOH. The one that i use most now is

    “if you know what is good for you, you will …… (insert task here)”

    I find myself using that one.