Look and see how a Starbucks Barista spelled my wife’s name!

Rachel's Starbucks Cup

How do YOU spell Rachel?

Well, if you’re a Barista in Northern Virginia you spell it:


Now, I am not the world’s greatest speller—but Raichul? Really? Rai-Chul? Really? It’s little things like this that only confirm the fears, held by many Americans, that we are certainly not getting any smarter as a country. My response, however, is that problems like this, and many others, could be solved if we only READ OUR BIBLES!

Rachel is one of the most important woman in the Bible, and, like my Rachel, she is described as “stunningly beautiful.” (Genesis 29 The Message) So beautiful, in fact, that Jacob was willing to work for 7 years (turns out to be much longer) to get Rachel’s hand in marriage.  My favorite part of the story, however, is what Jacob does the very first time he sets eyes on her. Click the link below if you want to read the beginning of Jacob and Rachel’s story.

Read the story of Jacob and Rachel

Do people ever misspell your name? How? (I get “Berry” a lot) Who are you named after? What’s your favorite part of the Jacob and Rachel story? ( I would love to get a little summary of the story in the comments section!) Do you have a word you always misspell? I have the hardest time with “tomorrow”—don’t know why.

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  • http://bondservant.us Don

    Perhaps they need an auto spell checker on their cups? :-)

  • The Ordained Barista

    That’s great! I can picture it with the red line and everything.

  • Kimberly Jefferson

    The only time they spell my name wrong is if they try to spell Kimberly…I usually get Kimberley. My daughter Rachael, her name is always spelled wrong. I believe even if we had spelled it Rachel, they would still get it wrong. It is one thing to get words spelled wrong, but to get names that is different, names are important you should always try to spell them right.

    Here is a funny one though. I am virtual tech support advisor for Apple, I have a lady who was in training with me, her initials are the same as mine. We were in the same training class, same team, and career paths have been on the same road. Her first name is Kelli and I am Kim. They constantly mess us up, it happens with everyone. Now we are on different sides of the country, so we have gotten everyone to say, just ask your other hand, rather use our name, not sure why the confusion but to us it is rather funny.

  • Julianne Kim

    Hi Barry!

    So I have one of those names that people just can’t get right! I’ve had “Jullianne, Julian, Julien, Jullienne, Julieanne, Jullian, Jullien…” As you can see, the list goes on and on.. At a starbucks at Tysons mall, I’ve had it spelled Juli-an… I guess those baristas need some work to do!

  • Julie

    I really didn’t think that “Julie” was too tough. But my favorite misspelling is “July”.
    Even if you spelled it that way origionally wouldn’t you look at it and go “Oh wait that spells July” and fix it?
    At any rate, MOST people get pretty close!

  • Joshua Harper

    The people at my starbucks neighborhood constantly spell my brother’s name wrong, no matter how many times he goes in there to get my Mom’s coffee. His name is “Jonathan” Some of the spellings are “Jonathon” or “Jonathen” or “Jonathun”, just to name a few.

    Sadly, they always seem to be rushing, and don’t seem to pay much attention to spelling the name correctly. I think there biggest goal is to get the right drink to the right person, though it would be nice if they spelled the name right.

  • Terry Mc

    Hey Bar! I know it’s been a while… Anyway, people ususally spell my name “Terri,” a common spelling, and it doesn’t bother me, unless it’s in response to an email or something where my name is written 2 or 3 times. Get a clue and pay attention, people!!! Oh, and having a last name that is not “Hill” can get pretty hairy, too! tee hee Also, I misspell the word “attached” all the time…

    My favorite part of the Jacob and Rachel story is when Leah has Judah, and finally realizes that she is deserving of love, and her husband is a tool. After a lifetime of being treated as something to be traded, or breed-stock, she feels God’s love, and knows she is worthy.

    I’ve known for a long time that trying to “win” love and respect is a futile effort. All I can do is love and respect others, well MOST others. (I’m not THAT good yet) and tell them so in the hopes that they will feel that love, and know that it won’t change.

  • Mariella Toro

    I laughed out loud when I read this! I’ve gotten “marlena” “mary ella..” but i can’t say i can blame them! I’ve got a pretty tough name!

  • The Ordained Barista

    Mariella, Ha! I can only imagine the different spellings you have seen for your name. I will have to say your last name is prety easy though? Kind of like, “Hill’.