Redeeming Black Friday

Black Friday

Are you a Black Friday shopper? Do you like getting great deals? The truth of the matter is that I’m just too darn big (6’8″ 300+ pounds) to be a Black Friday shopper. I’m always in the way, and imagine I would end up accidentally trampling a few unsuspecting senior citizens, which is never pretty. The only reason that I would like Black Friday shopping is so that I could get a cup of coffee and watch people be ridiculous over ONE “Suzie Talks A Lot Doll” (Thanks, Buddy—possibly the greatest Christmas movie ever!)

Well, with all the focus today on shopping, gifts, Christmas and giving I thought I would give you and I an opportunity to do some good on Black Friday. I have been a fan of World Vision for a long time and their 2011 Holiday Catalog  is out where you can buy a gift, on behalf of a loved one, that will make a HUGE difference in the lives of less fortunate people around the world. You can buy gifts like cows, goats, chickens, a water well and more. Please check out the little video below and go visit the catalog!

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  • JR

    I’ll be sure to check this out. Thanks Moose!

  • The Ordained Barista

    Thanks, John…. Let me know if you get anything.