My top 10 most visited posts of all time!

Hey everyone! At the first of every month, starting in January, I am going to start posting a list of the top posts of from the previous month. But, to start things off, I thought I would just list the top 10 posts that I have all time! So, you can see below what my tops posts are and PLEASE still leave a comment on ANY of them. Just as a side note, my favorite posts of all time are “Colby Did It!” and  “the note left on my car.” (which was #11 on the list)

INFP-Personality Type 569 More stats
Mini-Van Madness 433 More stats
Top 10 Weirdest things ever sold on ebay 422 More stats
Why the Philadelphia Eagles will win the SuperBowl! 231 More stats
SADD (Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder) 201 More stats
“Why I am quitting Christianity” 197 More stats
Look and see how a Starbucks Barista spelled my wife’s name! 178 More stats
Girl-Scout Cookies, Pajamas, and Aircraft Carriers! 173 More stats
Favorite places to eat out? Friday Fun! 163 More stats
“Colby did it!” 160 More stats
The note on my car.

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