The band I CAN’T stop listneing to! (Win a CD!)

Ghosts Upon the Earth - Gungor


If you haven’t heard of the Grammy nominated band Gungor then it’s about time that you do, and you’re going to thank me later! Their new album, Ghosts Upon the Earth, is Amazing. I am also a huge fan of their second album, Beautiful Things. Gungor’s music is hard to explain, but if you like bands like David Crowder and Over the Rhine—you will love Gungor! Click on the iTunes button at the top of the screen to check them out in iTunes.

The title, Ghosts Upon the Earth was somewhat inspired by the allegory by C.S. Lewis titled The Great Divorce, in which the “ghosts” of a grey town encounter a heaven that is astonishingly, even painfully, real. “Sometimes it seems like the most real thing is what we can see and experience with our senses around us- this life, the tangible,” explains Michael Gungor. “Ideas like love, like God, these things sometimes feel more disconnected and ethereal, like that’s the ghostly realm. But what if that’s wrong, and God and love is actually what is most real, and we are more like ghosts walking upon the earth, hoping to become more real?”

I hope you will give them a listen this holiday season—you won’t be disappointed!

I will be giving one random person a copy of both of these albums, in CD or iTunes form, if you post a link to this blog post on your facebook wall and tell me that you did so in the comment section below! Good luck!

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  • Josh

    I just posted it to my wall! Thanks for sharing.

  • The Ordained Barista

    Great! Thanks Josh…at this rate you have great odds! lol

  • Elizabeth Sheridan

    Just posted it to my wall. Since I do not use fb much, it will be a surprise for people who know me!! Thanks.

  • Josh

    So do I win? :-)

  • The Ordained Barista

    Right now it’s between you and Char. I’m gonna wait til the end of the week and draw a name out of a hat! Right now your odds look good! ha!

  • Josh Damon

    You seem to have the same problem I do. I can get people to read my blog, but comment on it? Nope, too much trouble.

  • Barry Hill

    WINNER! Do you want me to email you a code for itunes or would you like me to send you the CD’s? the CD’s will take longer…. Congrats, Josh!

  • Josh Damon

    Feel free to e-mail me the code! I’ll put my e-mail here, and then please delete the comment so it’s not sitting here for all to see.

    Thanks so much!

  • Barry Hill


    I edited your comment and took out your email! but, I left the comment up! I will email you very soon through Itunes! Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  • Josh Damon

    No, thank you! I really enjoyed them, and am looking forward to playing the music for my family this Christmas.