A Starbucks Wedding-A Latte Love

A Latte Love

This is a pretty cool story. I have said for many years that the coffeehouse has a uniquely relational atmosphere to it, and is just an incredible place to care for people, in a non threatening way, wherever they are in life. I love the fact that the bride describes the Baristas as “family”, and that they took care of her with coffee and “powerfully kind words” while her fiance was deployed. True, this story is about a wedding, but it’s also about a lot more. It’s about caring, service and taking the time to hear the story that other people are living.

Think about who you can invite out to a cup of coffee this Christmas season.  (Not in the the romantic sense, but in the caring to catch up with them sense.) This week, with whom do you need to find out “How life is going”? Who knows where the conversation may lead. Who knows how you may serve!

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