What would Jesus say to you over a cup of coffee?

Well, this is the exact question that a group of four woman from Ohio asked each other one day while sitting around the kitchen table having a cup of coffee. What did they come up with? What words of encouragement and divine inspiration would the savior of the world share with us today?

Watch this video to find out.

Yep, you heard it correctly.

“I miss hearing hearing you saying Merry Christmas.”

These very sincere woman believe that God is pretty miffed that so many people, in order to be politically correct, are saying “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Now, again, don’t get me wrong.  It’s a very nice sentiment, and you do have to admire the gumption of these woman for not just letting the momentum of their belief fizzle out.  To their credit, they felt strongly enough about it that they had a billboard designed to convey this message, but I would respectfully disagree with them that, “I miss hearing you say Merry Christmas” would be Jesus’ message today.

What message do you think Jesus would have for the world today, that he might share with you over a cup of coffee?  I would love to see a good conversation about this get started, so I can chime in too! Oh, and I almost forgot…..


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  • Ed

    Love this topic, Barry. Just the thought of it is enough to level me. Can you imagine the compassion, the joy, the love even as he would be identifying our flaws and teaching us?!? Merry Christmas to you and whole Hill Circus. Thank you for brining these tidings of joy!

  • http://theordainedbarista.com Barry Hill

    Yeah, it is a pretty cool thing to think about! You are so right to point out how he would move us toward a fuller relationship with Him, in love! Thanks Ed!!!! Please tell the family I said yo! I’m thinking we need to get coffee before the new year!

  • http://www.SpencerMcDonald.net Spencer McDonald

    Jesus woud begin by asking if these bean were organic. He might swirl his coffee around in the cup deciding if it’s just right or not. Then he would look up at me and ask, “How have you added value to other in the world?”

    I might dig into my mind and come out with a really good answer. But the truth is he knows already. Like a good leader he is asking a prompting question to help me look deeper into my soul for the right answer.

    That right answer would be I have so lost and now I am found and heading out on my journey to do just that. Thanks for asking.

  • http://theordainedbarista.com Barry Hill

    YES! Love the organic beans! Fair Trade, too! Yes, I think He might add how we have added by asking the Greatest commandment… Love God and Love people. If we are doing those two things than there is NO doubt that we are going to have an affect on the world, right?
    Good stuff, and thanks!

  • Michael Camp

    “You have turned me from the Savior who came from a throne on a high, born in a feeding trough, spent 30 years training for and working as a construction worker, the following 3 angering a lot of religious people, died one of the most painful deaths imaginable so that you wouldn’t have too into a middle class white suburbanite who cares more about a cultural phrase that wasn’t even around when I lived on the earth than the tens of thousands who will perish without even knowing my name, and what I have sacrificed for them.”

    I should add I know these ladies mean well, but we have definitely gone wrong somewhere if this is a cause worthy of the resources that God has provided us (our money = God’s money).