1 Minute Christmas Present Poll. Please?

Help me out! I want to see by an ANONYMOUS poll how much parents are spending on their children’s presents this year.  So, do me a favor and click the box that best describes you.  If you’re a student, young adult, or an adult w/out children tell me how much you think your parents spend/spent on you. (questions 3&4)






[poll id="4"]

[poll id="5"]

[poll id="6"]

[poll id="7"]

Leave a comment if you feel like I haven’t asked the question right or need a clarification on something. Also, feel free to come back in a couple of days to help me synthesize the data! Fun!

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  • Terry Mc

    As you know, I don’t have any kids, but… if that baby in the picture were on my list, I’d go BROKE buy stuff for his little face!!!! And you have SIX!!! ugh…. Merry Christmas Barry and the Hill Circus 8!