Max & Santa: Caption Please!

Max and Santa

We took the kids to see Santa on Wednesday and none of us were sure how Max, our 1 year old, was going to react to the jolly old man. Well, here it is. So let’s have some Christmas fun! The person who comes up with the best caption to the picture of Max and Santa will win an Ordained Barista T-shirt!

Caption Please: Write the best caption for this photo in the comments section!


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  • James Trent

    “Dude, you need to shave.”


    “Nice hat.”

  • Ian

    “How am I supposed to believe you fit down my chimney?”

  • Grace

    “Who’s my father?!”

  • Linda Sanders

    Wanna trade hats?

  • Chuckginny

    “Are you my great granpa?”

  • Midnightfire44

    are you my mother? (you know from the book…)

  • Barry Hill

    I love that book! Especially when he comes up to the bulldozer and says, “Are you my mother?”

  • Barry Hill


  • Barry Hill

    that’s great! I was surprised he didn’t try to rip it off his head!

  • Barry Hill


  • Barry Hill

    Yeah, you need a shave is a good one!