Are You a Before or After Person?

Let me ask you a question. Which do you like better? Do you like the days building up to Christmas, like my wife Rachel, or do you enjoy the days following Christmas day more? Personally, I love the more relaxing “days of Christmas” after all the hustle and bustle are over. How about you? Tell me which you like more and why!

Here are a couple of Christmas videos that should encourage you today, this third day of Christmas. We are traveling up to PA today, and your prayers are coveted and appreciated!

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  • James Trent

    I’m a before Christmas person. It seems like before has more of a Christmas-season feel to it than after. All the Christmas lights and shopping and stuff. Then after Christmas, when it’s over, there’s more of a back-to-normal feel.

    Hope you have a nice time in PA!

  • Betsy Stecz

    Definitely before. I spent my one day off yesterday playing Geek Squad and hooked up 2 new TVs and Xbox live. All the while thinking how much work it’s going to be to take down all the Christmas decorations – work without reward. Yuk. I wish there were elves who would take it all down and put it away.

  • John Finkelde

    I love the build up. Carols. Shops. Decorations. Church. The general vibe is a buzz I really enjoy

  • Barry Hill

    I love that stuff too, but it always seems to get overridden by the other stuff. It’s not that I don’t like the build up… I just like the relaxed feeling when it’s all over…. But, you may change my mind yet.

  • Barry Hill

    You had to remind me about the decorations……arghhh. I think I might change my answer.

  • Barry Hill

    thanks buddy!