What Is Lent? You’re going to give up WHAT for 40 days?

40 Days of Lint?

Linsanity! After last nights win over the Dallis Mavericks I am suggesting that we change the 40 (46) days preceding Easter from Lent—to Lint. Anyone with me? If you are going to participate in “Lint” this year here are a few things you have to give up for the next 40 days—starting on Wednesday.

1. Riding the bench

2. Loosing

3. Sleeping on your brother’s couch

4. And—most importantly— you must not use Lin’s name in vain. If I hear one more play (Linism) on this kid’s name— I may have to give up watching Sports Center for the next 40 days. Although, you have to admit, “You can’t Lin-it unless you’re Lin-it.” is pretty darn clever. (do you have a favorite?)

Ok, this post is probably way too far gone to talk about something serious—but here it goes.

With Ash Wednesday only a few days away— I wanted to let you know what my friends at Blood: Water Mission (started by the band Jars of Clay) are doing, and to challenge you to join me, in the 40 Days of Water Campaign,  from February 22nd to April 7th.

Typically during the Lenten season we spend 40 days, starting on Ash Wednesday, preparing our hearts for Holy Week and Easter. This year for lent I have decided to do something good, at the same time, for the people of Uganda. Please take a minute to watch this quick video and read my challenge below.

Yep—you heard me right! I am giving up coffee, and all other drinks, other than water, from Ash Wednesday until Easter morning, and I am asking for your support in one of 2 ways.

1. Join me. Why not take the 40 day water challenge with me? You can sign up with Blood: Water Mission here. If I can do it… you can do it!

2. Sponsor me. If you support what I am doing tell me in the comment section below that you will make a contribution, directly to Blood: Water Mission, for every day that I participate in the 40 Day Water Challenge. Maybe you can sponsor me for .25 cents a day? What about a dollar a day? Whatever it is—at the end of the 40 days you can make your donations directly to Blood: Water Mission here.

Thanks, What do you say?


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  • danblackonleadership

    What a great cause, something I’ll look into even more. Thank you for sharing.

  • Tim Malone

    3 days down…feeling better…I think I might be able to do this…one question – is taking Excedrin cheating – it has like 60mg of caffeine in it! How you feeling?

  • http://theordainedbarista.com/ Barry Hill

    I am feeling good. The toughest part has been the 2-3 o’clock hour. No, Excedrin is not cheating. Unless, of course, you are washing the Excedrin down with a Venti Latte? Ha! I haven’t done this mind you—but is milk in cereal cheating? I have been doing bagel and fruit.

  • http://theordainedbarista.com/ Barry Hill

    Thanks, Dan!