Colton Dixon Sings “Everything” By Lifehouse (American Idol)

I don’t know if your watching American Idol this season, but I have to say that I am quickly becoming a Colton Dixon fan. My favorite part of the video is listening to the judges talk about his “authenticity”— it looked like to me he was in a time of worship! Awesome!

Check out this drama performed to the Lifehouse song, “Everything”. It has almost 19,000,000 views!

Are you a Lifehouse fan? Are you watching Idol this season? I don’t normally watch, but I am Colton Dixon fan!

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  • Brandon

    That’s awesome that I saw this. I posted this the other day on my blog. I’m a fan as well…

  • Barry Hill

    I went to your page and I like how you formatted it through you tube instead of the way I have it! And, I agree with what you wrote—God definitely has a purpose for his life.

  • Anne

    The world is craving authenticity [all creation is groaning for the sons of God to be revealed - Romans 8:19 ] & this generation is a voice to pierce the darkness & reveal His glory ~ he’s a powerful, profound instrument of God.