Dan’s Coffee Run & Random Acts of Coffee

Random Acts of Coffee

For a while now I have wanted to start a segment/page on the blog where I challenge my readers (and I) to buy someone, either someone you know or a stranger, a surprise cup of coffee and pass the story on to me in an email or a small video (actually capturing the delivery). You could buy coffee for someone at work, a friend, a firefighter, police officer, a veteran, a member of our armed services or a teacher as an act of kindness—hence my name “random act of coffee”. Get it? Clever, Huh? Well, this video will be my first segment of “random acts of coffee” about a guy named Dan. You can learn more about Dan’s Coffee Run by clicking here.

Remember—you never know what that act of kindness will lead to.

Would you be willing to do a “random act of coffee” and tell me about it?

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  • Ava

    I was a chemo patint 12 years ago for breast care and I would have appreciated a person like you . Thank god I am in remission. Keep up lifting up spirits and and bringing joy to patient’s under tratment. Wonderful work
    Love Ava
    12 yeaqr breast cancer survivor.