Donovan and “The City of Brotherly Love”.

#5 Vs. The City of Brotherly Love

A few weeks ago I wrote a highly trafficked blog post entitled “You are One of Them!” This post centered around the infamous reputation haunting Philadelphia sports fans, and how a handful of poor choices, made by a relatively small group of Philadelphia sports fans, have galvanized the nations collective opinion on Philadelphia sports “fan-dumb”.  I went on to make the assertion that we, as Christians, are often painted in a negative light because of a relatively small group of “Christians” who do and say some really dumb things. What? It’s true.

Well, this Sunday Philadelphia will get an opportunity to give its image a much needed make-over.  At 4:05 EST Donovan McNabb, the face of the Philadelphia Eagles franchise for more than a decade, will return to Lincoln Financial field as a Washington Redskin. Donovan holds a ton of records as a quarterback, but here are just a few of his Philadelphia Eagle franchise records:

  • Most Career Attempts (4,303)
  • Most Pass Completions (2534)
  • Most Passing Yards (29,320)
  • Most Passing Touchdowns (203)
  • Most Single-Season Completions (345, 2008 season)
  • Most Single-Season Yards (3,916, 2008 season)
  • Most NFC Championship Appearances (5)

Like him or not, you can’t argue with the fact that Donovan has made it a lot of fun to be an Eagles fan for the last 10 years.  My hope is that when he returns that Philadelphia will welcome him with arms wide open, and then they will turn around and Crush the Skins by 2 touchdowns, at least.  What about you? Do you think Donovan will get more boos or cheers? Do you think Philadelphia owes him anything?

“You stay classy, Philadelphia.”

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  • http://TheOrdainedBarista Scott Pollock

    In Philly we take our sports way too serious. Some call it passion most call it poor taste, bad form, classless, and all the other terms the national media uses to describe Philly. Even as I type this I know this is going to read a little passive aggressive… but here I go. This is Don’s kind of game. It is a big game as it is against a division rival so it does mean something. It is against a team that he wants to beat. So it is a big game. But it is a big game with little value and a small amount of pressure. It is not a championship game or the Super Bowl so he will do real well. He will throw for 300 plus yards. He might even win. I can’t see that, but it might happen.
    And with the exception of 30 guys, most of the Link will cheer him. But I promise you, you will hear some of the boo’s, most will cheer, and Philly will get killed after the game.

  • Terry Mc

    A long, long time ago, I remember my brother reciting a poll taken in Sports Illustrated ranking the 5 cities with the worst fans in the nation. #1: Philadelphia. #2 through #5: NO ONE EVEN COMES CLOSE!

    My mother always said that Philly fans are rowdy and outspoken, and down right rude. But NOT dumb. They know what they are talking about and really hate to see unrealized potential.

    Philly never really put their support behind Donavan, and that was probably because of the choke factor. Doing great, our hopes would rise, then… heartbreak, AGAIN! I don’t think that was all Donavan’s fault, though. Andy Reid had a LOT to do with it, and the team seemed to just fall apart when the pressure was on.

    I don’t blame him for leaving. I think he’ll probably get booed, but for a lot of Philly, he might get a better reception than Michael Vick. Vick might be winning games for us, but a lot of fans are still disappointed that he’s wearing green.

  • http://TheOrdainedBarista Scott Pollock

    4:12 pm as reported by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman: Philly kept it classy…