Got Critters!? Lion almost eats baby. (Lessons from my lawn #3)

Got Critters?

(Please read to the bottom of the post for the lion vs. baby video!)


Recently, Rachel and I noticed that some of the flowers in our garden were vanishing and, in some instances, only days after the flowers had bloomed.  We suspected that we either had neighborhood teenage flower vandals or CRITTERS! Sure enough, last week, as I was washing the dinner dishes I noticed, from the view of my kitchen window, a “wrascally wrabbit” (insert Elmer Fudd voice here.—”Ssshhhhh! Be wrery, wrery quite. I’m hunting wrabbit!”) sneaking around the flower bed and munching on our lilies.

Advice from the Walmart lady: “You want me to do what?”

Don’t get me wrong, animals aren’t always to blame for my gardening woes.  To be honest, I have killed plenty of flowers all by myself—either not enough water or too much water. Not enough sun or too much sun.  Not enough love or too much love. But, sometimes, there are forces at work that are outside of my control, and these forces have one purpose in mind—to eat my garden (oh, and to poop everywhere). I even bought the foulest smelling  “rabbit/deer be-gone” stuff which smells like rotten eggs and chunky rotten milk mixed in a bottle and left in a warm car for weeks.  We bought it at Walmart and the lady behind the register tried to convince Rachel and I to just go to a local slaughterhouse and get some blood meal (dried animal blood) mix it with some whole milk and spread it around the garden.  As she was talking I was thinking to myself “you want me to do what?”  How does one discover that dried animal blood and milk is useful for keeping away rabbits, anyway? I’m just sayin’.

All this build up is just to say that sometimes in life there are consequences that are a direct result of my own personal (sin) negligence, selfishness, and pride. However,  sometimes things happen to us, like in the case of the hungry hungry rabbits, that we had little to do with.  I was aware that rabbits like to eat flowers but I didn’t do anything to encourage the rabbit to dine on my daisies, right? Now that I am more aware I can put up a fence, let my West Highland Terrier (Holly) chase them away or serve them blood-meal milk shakes.

The Enemy

Now, just like I have critters looking to devour my garden, the Bible says that we have a much larger adversary on the prowl, in our lives, looking to destroy.

Now, this isn’t a really popular topic today, but Paul warns us that life is more than what can be seen and heard and that there is an enemy (not of flesh and blood, but of principalities—Ephesians 6:12) and he (even though he has already been defeated—Romans 16) is looking for a victim.  Like I said before this is NOT a very popular topic these days to talk about “the devil”. C.S. Lewis writes in one of my all time favorite books, the Screwtape Letters, “One of Satan’s best tricks in the Twentieth Century, is to make people believe he doesn’t exist”. Don’t get me wrong, our culture has no shortage on believing in the “bad “.  We believe in “bad timing” and “bad things” (Mayhem—Like in the all state commercials-I love those commercials!) but we don’t believe that God has an “enemy” anymore?

1 Peter 5:8

8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 9 Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

This video really helps remind me about the scenario we find ourselves in, and that Paul reminds us of.  I will say, however, that the parents of this kid aren’t going to win any “parent of the year” awards, either.

Paul says we have 3 responsibilities to battle the devil.

1. Be alert- Don’t fall asleep in the belief that there is a battle going on, and you’re in it!

2. Be Sober-Take seriously the surroundings and circumstances that can lead to destruction?

3. Resist- We must stand against the things trip us up-(with God’s help)

Question: Why is it so hard for the world, and us, to believe in the devil these days?

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  • Terry Mc

    I recognize that C.S. Lewis quote from “The Usual Suspects”, too! I saw that movie sooo long ago, and that phrase has always stuck with me. With all that is happening, how can people NOT believe in the devil?

    I’m not referring to natural disasters or extreme weather or those things which humans have no active control over. I’m talking about the free will that God gave the human race, and the temptations that the devil puts before us. Greedy CEO’s taking home millions of dollars while their employees struggle to feed their kids and save their homes from foreclosure. Politicians refusing to compromise, or come up with a plan that will work in helping the country get back on it’s feet. Coworkers fighting and gossiping behind each other’s backs, instead of speaking honestly to bridge difficulties.

    It brings to mind (and you are all probably sick to death of hearing about it, but…) Harry Potter. In book 4, J.K. Rowling writes of Voldemort’s return, but all through book 5, there is a disinformation campaign to hide the information from the public, therefore, giving Voldemort time to build up his ranks and become more powerful. All because the people in power were afraid of losing that power. The temptation to stay in charge outweighed the good of the general public.

    You’re a youth minister, you’ve probably used that correlation with the young people in your church.

    The devil is alive and well. Insidious and in the background, waiting for a good time to strike. God has better PR, and the devil likes it that way.

  • tony babcock

    My experience is that Jesus and God have had the worse PR. There were many of Gods “PR” people in my life that turned me far away from having a relationship with Jesus.

    I hate to say But the devils “PR” people were great. They lured me in gradually and were very patient, even kind sometimes.

    Thankfully my eyes were opened and i saw the devils “PR” people for who they really were … In my experience it is very easy to follow that evil path. At times it is downright attractive. Eventually it lead me to ruin and destruction only at that time was i willing to surrender to Gods will and turn away. During that process though i had to go to a lot of different churches. Some of them worshipped the dollar others worshipped good works. Thank God I was desperate and continued seeking.