I AM SECOND (Chris Coghlan)

Most of you know that I am a BIG I Am Second fan.  Chris has a great story and I hope you will be encouraged by it.  What is your favorite part of Chris’s story? Do you relate to any of his story? Please support I am Second by visiting their website and spreading the word!

My name is Barry Hill—and I am second!

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  • Eric

    Wow! I haven’t seen an I Am Second in awhile that has this type of impact on me personally for awhile now. Thanks Barry for posting this.

  • Eric

    Dude…you’ve got to share this at The Underground.

  • Kimberly Jefferson


    There are so many ways I can relate to this video, it was a reminder to me, I am second, it’s funny, the type of leadership we practice at my job is servant leadership, it’s not about the money but what we can do for others. I have had doubts since I was given the position, so one day I am sitting here having major doubts, crying and praying I can do this. I kept second guessing myself, I asked God to give me the wisdom to believe in myself. I decided to step away, close my eyes and just relax. It came to me, if God believes in me, why don’t I believe in myself, slowly I started to see what I could do, and believe what others were telling me. I remain humble, which is very hard to do but I always remember it’s not about me, it’s about others, living a society where we are taught to put ourselves first, it’s hard to remember to put God first, but this is a reminder and I am thankful you shared with me. I really needed to be reminded of my goals, my path in this life and where I intend to be.

    Have a great night :)


  • Mike Jorgensen

    Barry, thanks for posting. Know it’s pretty late, but we are having our first I am Second leadership conference for people interested in using I am Second in their ministry. Jan 13 & 14 at our HQ in the Dallas, TX area. More info at http://www.wearesecond.com. Blessings.