My App Of The Year!

What app has had the biggest (positive) impact on me this year? No, it’s not Angry Birds or Words with Friends! It’s You Versions FREE Bible App. It was the 33rd most downloaded free iPhone App and 100th most downloaded free app for the iPad. It has great features and interface.  I will be reading through the entire Bible again this year, but I will be keeping track of my progress on this app. Why don’t you join me? What was your favorite app of 2011?

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If you want to see the rest of the top 100 downlaods from Itunes click here

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  • James Trent

    Thanks, nice app! I also use the free Bible+. Angry Birds is fine, but really, is it that great? I guess I’m in the minority or something. I like Papertoss and Falldown (both free) for basic gaming. “Ping Pong – Best top free game” is good too.

    My favorite app? “Canon Lenses” :) (besides the Bible ones of course)