Need a Life-Plan?


Have you ever developed a personal life plan? I recently started working through Michael Hyatt’s FREE, Creating a Personal Life Plan, e-book and I am really challenged by it—in a good way.  Here are a few of the things that I really like about the book so far:

  1. Michael does a great job at being personal with examples while, at the same time, not revealing too much personal information and making you feel uncomfortable.  I have read plenty of personal development books where the author is writing from the perspective (illusion) of having “arrived” or “mastered” the art of being human, and it makes the author comes across as inauthentic and insincere. Michael offers some really genuine and helpful examples of past success AND FAILURES that have taught him along the way! I found this very helpful!
  2. The FREE download comes with a word document worksheet to help you work through your own Life Plan!
  3. This FREE life plan e-book put’s God first! I love this. So much of the language around “life plans” is focused on “self” (for obvious reasons) that we often miss the most important part of our life… The God who gave us our life! There are even sections to put supporting Bible verses next to the corresponding life-plan “account”.
  4. FREE. Did I mention that this resource is free? All you have to do is go to the link below and put in your email address and Whamo! Easy!

Here is the link!

What did I miss? Do me a favor, after you go through the exercise tell me what your favorite part of the process was!

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  • Eric Garner

    Barry thank you for posting this. For quite some time like you have heard time and time again through our many conversations is, “what on earth and I doing with my life.” Lol I miss those days. Anyway, thanks again. I will truly look into this.