Part 1 of my video interview with Author Brian McLaren

With books like: A Generous Orthodoxy, Everything Must Change, A New Kind of Christian, and his latest book, A New Kind of Christianity, author Brian McLaren is one of present day Christianity’s most influential figures.  Brian was gracious enough to sit down with me (on one of the hottest days of the summer) to talk about life, faith, ministry and his latest book. In Part 1 of my interview with Brian we talk about:

~Recent health issues

~How he handles his critics

~What he has learned over the last 30+ years in ministry

…and why he drinks decaf! Ha.

In PART 2 of my interview, which I will post tomorrow, Brian talks about:

~Conservative Vs. Moderate Evangelicalism

~What is the “emergent church”

~How we are “180 degrees off”  in a few major areas right now

~His new book (Chapter 9) and how we are called to love our enemy.

I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed chatting with Brian. To learn more about Brian, subscribe to his blog or buy one of his books please visit the link below! Thanks!

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  • Margaret Wright

    I like, however I notice how you, not only him, are falling for drinking McDonalds coffee and yours is so much larger than his! Is there a reason for that?

  • http://TheOrdainedBarista Scott Pollock

    Part 2?

  • The Ordained Barista

    It will be out early this week! I am chopping up all the questions so people don’t need to sit through the whole thing. Thanks for the reminder!!! I’ll be in town till next week hope we can still get together.