“Seven year old boy steals parents car to avoid… ?”

Have you ever seen this video?  What you are about to see is the actual patrol car video footage of a SEVEN year old boy who stole his parents car, and avoided local law officials for several miles, in order to get away from doing something.  Do you know why he stole the car? Can you guess what he was trying to avoid? Watch this short video to find out.


Is this kid’s church really that bad? Ha. I think a small part of the Church conversation is that we don’t always have a clear understanding of what the role of the Church is and how important the Church is to God. Here are a few basic truths about the Church that are often overlooked. (This is not an exhaustive list by any means) I am hoping this list will encourage you and get a good discussion going.

1. The Church is not a building it’s a family.  Think of it this way, if someone asked to see a picture of The Hill Family I wouldn’t show them a picture of my house. Would you?

2. It’s OK to ask questions in a family. Let me put this truth another way.  My six children can ask me any question that they want to, no exceptions.  No questions are dumb or off limits.  Yet, there seem to be a list of questions that are “off limits” or “taboo” to discuss with a church family. Why? Are we afraid we are going to offend God with our questions? Acts 2 says that part of our family responsibility is to teach Biblical truth.  How can we teach truth if we are afraid of tough questions? Let’s take this idea one step further.  Since we are “The Family” we need to do the best job we can at being able to understand, and respond to, basic questions that friends, co-workers and neighbors may have about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. If someone asked you to succinctly share with them,”What does it mean to be a Christian?” or  “How do you become a Christian?” (Bible verses and all) …could you?

3. The bride of Christ.  “The Family” or body of believers is so important and loved by God that the book of Ephesians refers to the Church as Jesus’ bride.  Wow, That’s some serious imagery there!

4. We are the hands and feet of God! Remember, “The Family” (I’m trying really hard to avoid any “The Godfather” movie quotes here… “Let me make you an offer you can’t refuse”… and fail!) is acting on behalf of the Father to show His love to the poor, the sick, the prisoner, the widow, the hungry, the homeless and the the hopeless!

5. A worship service is all about corporately acknowledging how much we love and need God and not about our own personal preferences or entertainment. Listen, it’s not wrong to like different worship or preaching styles. However, it is our responsibility to make worship about God, not us.  It shouldn’t matter if you find yourself in jail, like Paul, or at a David Crowder concert, it’s our responsibility to make worship about God and not our preferences.

6. The church family should be welcoming to the “sinner”, the “seeker” and the “saved”. I hate this much “Christianese” in one sentence, but it really gets the point across.

7. Families are messy, that doesn’t make them any less your family! If you don’t see your crazy Aunt Edna for 20 years, she is still your Aunt Edna. Ignoring unhealthy family dynamics doesn’t fix family issues!

8. We should handle the family with love! Well, actually, we should handle everyone with love, but have you ever noticed that, at times, we can be the meanest to the people that we are the closest to and care the most about. Why is that anyway?

In your humble opinion, what are some of the road blocks that keep us (us = Jesus followers and people who are interested in investigating the claims of Jesus.) from wanting to experience church on a regular basis.  Why does the Church get labeled, by some, as “boring” or out of touch?

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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/28199562@N02/ tony babcock

    Some great hardcore truths were stated there. I can only speak for me but “the church thing” became a stumbling block for me initially. So I went on a hunt. I knew that I needed a God of my understanding in my life as I was looking for something but I was not sure what. So I visited several places of worship / churches. There were some that I really enjoyed and liked and others that made me feel very uncomfortable. All in all I would not trade the experiences that I had for anything. I felt most comfortable in the church I go to now as the Pastor goes through verse by verse through the Bible and explains it in a language and manner that I can comprehend and understand.

    The point that I am trying to make is I did not have a choice in the family I was born into. But I do have a choice in the family I choose to worship and learn with. If I ever thought that my current church was going in a direction that was harmful or that contradicted what the Bible says to do … I would leave. Now having said that I can say that my church also is not perfect and they have their “baggage” as well. I have also found myself disagreeing with what was being taught, only to find out later that my own thinking was wrong and I was the one who needed to change. For the record every time I thought the standard that they were teaching was off the mark I found it was me that needed correction. (Face feeling red now) The only stumbling blocks that I have had now are the very ones that I have created, and is usually a sign that I need to change or grow in yet another area of my life.