When you have six children there are going to be a few battles that you will fight everyday, and sharing is one of them. Around my household it’s usually food, toys, food, TV, food, games, food, books, food, friends, food, clothes— did I mention food? Sharing, or being more generous, is something that we get better with as we get older—at least I am hoping that’s true.

Yet, as followers of Jesus, for the most part, we (myself included) are not very good at sharing—sharing our hope in Christ with others.

1 Peter 3:15 But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

Scripture is pretty clear that we should be willing, and prepared, to share the hope that we have in Christ with anyone who asks, and to do that with love and respect. Yet, many of us break into cold sweats with the thought of sharing our faith with someone at work or school. We have fears of being asked theological questions that we can’t answer, seeming judgmental, or appearing to put our hope, in the opinion of some, in superstition and myth—so we just keep our faith to ourselves.

But, I would never let my kids get away with those reason to NOT to share at home.

I would never let my kids get away with these arguments…

Well, Dad, this cookie is really a personal cookie and I don’t want to offend anyone with it. I mean, what if they are allergic to chocolate chip?


I really don’t know how to share this cookie, and what if they say no?


yeah, but what if they ask me questions about my cookie that I don’t know how to answer them?

I know that these are facetious questions to make a point, but consider these follow up questions. When we don’t share what God has done for us, through Jesus, are we being selfish?  Does the personal risk/cost of sharing outweigh the benefit to the person that you might be sharing with?

What about you? Do you have fears about sharing your faith? When is it challenging? When is it easy? Is it our responsibility? Why does God choose to use us to share the message of Grace through faith?

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  • Cecilyrbornemann

    I have fears about sharing my faith to people of different religions, like Mormonism. What do I say to the person who is confused about the third person of the Trinity. It’s the other religions that get me confused about whether I am sharing my faith right. I guess I need to be in prayer about it. Thanks Barry for bringing this up.

  • Terry Mc

    Being shy and reserved, as I am, I find it difficult to share my thoughts. Are you laughing yet, Barry? I thought so. I don’t mind having open discussions about faith and my beliefs. I often find myself in thought-provoking discussions with others, both in the same belief, and of other religions. Usually because I am curious and sincerely interested in something foreign, I come out and ask questions about what their symbols or Holy Days mean. As much as I talk, I find that I’m a good listener, too!

    Also, I shared a room for 9 months before I was born, so it’s in my nature! Love to you and the Circus!

  • Anonymous

    Not to much fear, I learned a great sales technique which I have applied into when I talk with some one or share my faith. It’s F.O.R.M

    Talking to the other person about their,
    Then sharing the message.

  • Eric

    Sharing is something I enjoy doing and feel called to do every week. I wasn’t always like this and of course my selfish side gets in the way when there is only one slice of pizza left in the box. My ability to share has only grown the more I seek to be “Like minded…” Like Jesus. [Philippians 2:2 2 then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind.] It is a struggle to, and I know it first hand; but I also can feel the tug when called to share, and responding to that tug is far greater joy than the last slice.

  • Claudia Good

    I like the challenge you put forth here.

    I have found community living to be my most effective way of sharing my faith. When I am living everyday life with those around me opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise present themselves.

    Being proactive in becoming a ‘front porch dweller’ instead of back porch people :)

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  • P V Ariel

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  • Barry Hill

    I love the idea that the blessing we have been given is not a blessing to keep, but one to share! Keep up the great work, Philip!

  • Barry Hill

    Thanks, Claudia! Love the front porch. I really love the wrap-around porches that just invite people to come up and sit/swing drink tea/coffee/ lemonade? Maybe it’s just the South in me coming out?