The truth? I’m a spoiled brat.



 The truth is…


I didn’t have to pay for this water.

I don’t have to worry if there are any diseases in this water.

I will probably not be one of the 3.5 million people that die, every year, from water born illnesses.

I didn’t have to walk 3-10 miles to get this water.

I didn’t have to carry a 50 pound jar of water on my head on the 3+ hour return trip home. (Where spilling it could be a matter of life and death.)

I didn’t have to decide if I should use this water for hydration or sanitation.

Nobody was going to try to rob or kill me for this water.

I didn’t have to ration this water between my children.

I can always get more water, whenever I want it, within minutes. (if not seconds)

As a parent, I am not faced with the dilemma of looking at a pool of dirty water and asking myself, “Do I want to watch my children suffer from dehydration or take my chances with water born illness?”

And, I’m really not concerned about drought or the affect it will have on my families food supply.

And yet, I find myself complaining when the only thing to drink around our house is water. Have you ever starred at your beverage options in the fridge and disappointingly said, “I guess I’ll have water”-*sigh.  These days I am trying to be more thankful for the blessings I have been given and trying to remember people who have less—no matter if they live next door or half-way across the globe.

If you would like to be more aware about the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world, take a look at the ministry of Church World Service. One of their ministry focuses is “Water for All”, and they have produced an amazing video addressing  some of the water scarcity issues facing the people of Kenya.

I have decided to make water (which I take for granted) one of my “prayer triggers”.  So, every time that I have a glass of water I will try to remember to give thanks for the blessings I have been given and to also lift up the millions of people around the world whose lives depend on the daily search for clean drinking water.  Will you pray too?

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  • John

    Good blog.

  • James Trent

    I know what you mean about “I guess I’ll have water.” I think you make a lot of good points – some of those things that they have to do are kind of hard to comprehend living in America. Like walking that far, for not even enough water…!?! Almost all of us don’t realize just how good it is here, and how different it is over there. Yeah, I knew they were poor, but… really makes you think about how blessed we are here. We think the Texas drought is/was bad. I’d rather be in a dry part of Texas than over there, you know? At least there’s hope, like the video shows. Thanks for posting.

    Oh yeah, good blog. You’re a much better blogger than I am. My last post ( is from early October – LOL.

  • The Ordained Barista

    Love your site! How long you been doing that? And, I am with you, at least there is hope!